Demo 2016

by Pesci

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Jason Bowering
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Jason Bowering Has to be one of the shortest 16 track albums I've come across!. Relentlessly fast, brutal and punishing from start to finish. Fucking killer stuff. Favorite track: Antagonist.
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released February 3, 2016

Zac- Vocals
Nic- Guitar
Cam- Bass
Will- Drums

Recorded at RTN studios



all rights reserved


Pesci Swansea, Australia

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Track Name: Flex
Beat up, tapped out.
Chewed up, spat out.

Cracked teeth, bloodstains.
No pride, ashamed.

Work hard, get fit.
Run far, lift shit.
I'll show you what I'm capable of.
Work hard, get fit.
Run far, lift shit.
I'll show you what I'm capable of.

Work 'til your dead,
Sleep in the grave.
Nothing ahead.
No one to save.
Time lapse reveals,
The state of the world.
Bruises will heal,
But no one will turn.
Track Name: You Can't Sk8
You can't fucking skate you poser.
Not quite there but getting closer.
Prove to us you're not a loser.
You can't fucking skate.

Making up excuses, always.
Fuck it mate just have it your way.
Never show up, if you do late.
You can't fucking skate.

Too much traffic I'm still stuck in the car.
Running into an old friend at the bar.
Can't make it now, but I really wish I could.
But don't deny my skills, cause I'm pretty fucking good.
Now we see him facing up in the street.
Sure we're gonna see him land his face in the 'crete.
He's lining up, got the speed for some height.
Lands it clean and he's not gonna bite.
And I'm a prick now for judging a mate.
It turns out that he can actually skate.
Track Name: A Little Off The Top
A little off the top.
That's what you told me.
A little off the top.
Nothing less than a number 3.

A little, a little off the top.
Just a way to shut you up.
A little, a little off the top.
Cut it wrong I'll cut you up.

My scalp. Exposed.
For all the world to see.
Blood on. My hands.
This isn't who I want to be.

A little, a little off the top.
Just a way to shut you up.
A little, a little off the top.
Cut it wrong I'll cut you up.
Track Name: Tie The Rope
Throw away your life with drugs and booze.
It's them or us it's time for you to choose.
That's what you want? What you want for me?

Then write the note and tie the rope and kick the chair and break your neck and die.
Say your goodbye.
Track Name: Nothing New
Just make it vague
And in my current state
I'm just drunk enough
To possibly relate
I know what its like
Male, middle class, and white
So i dont want to hear
About your fucking life
And I don't want to listen
To you fucking cry
Because your mundane shit
Is not profound
Or something that
I care about
Track Name: Mongo: The Proud, The Few
Foot on the board, left pushing off the ground.
Push Nazi pricks won't ever get me down.
Master-race regular yelling from the stands.
"Front-wheel-drive cunt!" Who the fuck cares?
Track Name: Antagonist
You wouldn't hear about my grades on the local news.
But stab a teacher, suddenly it's fucking national.
Zoning in on all the shit I said I wouldn't do.
Focusing on what the people call irrational.

I don't want to be a hero.
I don't want to be your idol.
Drop the bar from ten to zero.
It's making me suicidal.

If life's a book, then I'm the fucking antagonist.
You think I'm fucked up. Try send me to a therapist.
Doctors, teachers, councilors saying I'm depressed.
And dealing with this shit sure isn't helping with my stress.
Well you're sorry now, you're gonna try to take it back.
You can't stop these thoughts or this fucking panic attack.
You want forgiveness, you're pleading retribution, uh.
Ain't no judge or jury I'm the executioner.
Track Name: Skin Of My Teeth
Held on by the skin of my teeth.
Dodged a bullet but the fear beneath.
It's all I feel.
Is still real.
Track Name: Office Slave
It's no ones fault that you're destroying yourself.
I'm sick of you trying to blame everybody else.
So now's the time.

Don't care about your paycheck, your all week 9-5.
I barely even noticed that you were still alive.
Don't care where you are going, don't care where you have been.
You're such a fucking office slave, something I will never be.

You're such a fucking loser.
You're such a waste of time.
You've chained yourself into this life now.
You're wasting for your crimes.
Stuck here in this shitty world.
They slave away but I'm still free.
Face up, face up to your sins.
And forget your own innocence, before I kick your fucking head in.
Track Name: Hacking Up Tar
Wanna get a buzz kid?
Don't care who you are.
When you take it too far.
You start hacking up tar.

Just an escape from this world for a second right?
An escape from that girl for a second, night.
Such a short life, already finished.
Now your future's diminished.
Your life is fucking over now.

It's cool.
Just try it.
Grow some balls and live your life just fucking once.
It's cool.
Just try it.
What's the worst that could happen right?
It's cool.
I'll try it.
Such a short life, might as well throw it away.
It's cool.
I'll try it.
What's the worst that could happen anyway?
Track Name: Leeches
Turns out that raising a kid wasn't the best way to pull your fucking head in.

So now, you're one of us.
You're stuck in here.
Now, you're a parent.
I suppose that was a bad idea.
So wake up and accept your responsibility.
It's not just you anymore, there's no more us it's only me.

Spend your days, just putting me down.
Dreaming of better things, they're never gonna happen now.

No more us it's only me.
Track Name: Holt Smash
You've got a problem coming out of the sea
And it isn't sharks or refugees

Took a 50 year dip
Now he's ripped
And he's back to take
What is rightfully his

Wearing trunks he ain't smuggling shit
Packing a punch and you're gunna get hit
A killing machine pacing up the m31
To the capital, motherfucker you can run

Holt smash
coming back for the crown
Holt smash
usurpers are getting beat down
Holt smash
He's bringing the pain
Holt smash
Harold be thy name
Track Name: Can't Stand Ya
My attitude is fine
It's yours that fucking sucks
Don't complain to me
You fat dumb fuck
Because if you are less than pleased
I couldnt give less of a shit
But you want much more
Than we both know this is

You're a petulant child
With a half empty cup
Go find some real problems
And grow the fuck up


Can't stand ya